Uppity Bike Commuters Collective


       The Uppity Bike Commuters Collective asks the question “Why do people feel compelled to harass, sometimes harm others who are riding bicycles?” The seeds of the UBCC were planted through an interaction that occurred while working as a bike messenger in Philadelphia. An automobile driver rode up next to me at a stop sign and shouted, “ Aren’t you all Uppity!! Riding your bike in the street!! ” This stuck in my memory for many years. Later on while living in San Francisco, a school colleague was run off the road by a Fed Ex truck while riding her bike. Ideas arrived about making a statement concerning the bicycling transportation experience. These thoughts were shared with a circle of fellow bicyclists. Critiquing an absurd perception, we decided to get each others backs: The Uppity Bike Commuters Collective was created. Featuring 5 core members: Professor Crank, Dr. K, The Unicorn, Notorious D.A.V., and Mr. Bubble(S.).    

     The Uppity Bike Commuters Collective celebrates access to independent transportation in public common space while recognizing collective lives on bicycles. To our experience, everyone who regularly rides a bicycle has a story to tell about being harassed in some way. Body Politics, Class and Identity all play a role. In contrast, the UBCC ( UBC for short ) presents Bicycle Transportation as essential for democracy. In addition, the UBC also promotes the bicycle as a catalyst for creating community, solidarity and personal independence. By publicly interacting with and (re) – creating these scenarios through stickers, posters and t-shirts: The Uppity Bike Commuters Collective creates dialogue, unveils cultural mechanisms and affirms connections of shared experience. 































































Copyright Uppity Bike Commuters Collective 2021

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