Uppity Bike Commuters Collective


     The seeds of the UBCC were planted through an interaction that occurred while working as a bike messenger in Philadelphia. An automobile driver rode up next to me at a stop sign and shouted, “Aren’t you all Uppity!! Riding your bike in the street!!” This stuck in my memory for many years. Later on, while living in San Francisco, a classmate was run off the road by a Fed Ex truck while riding her bike. Ideas about creating a statement concerning the bicycling transportation experience appeared. These thoughts were shared with a circle of bicycling colleagues: We decided to create visibility. Citing ludicrous ( sometimes scary ) interactions and encounters: We decided to get each other’s backs, flip the script and turn the tables. The Uppity Bike Commuters Collective was created. Featuring 5 core members: Professor Crank, Dr. K, The Unicorn, Notorious D.A.V., and Mr. Bubble(S.).      

     Uppity Bike Commuters Collective recognizes and celebrates access to self-directed transportation in a common public space. While also asking the question:” Why do people feel compelled to harass (or harm ) other people who are riding bicycles?” Since the System of Enclosure, freely moving/interacting in common spaces has been contested. In contrast to a variety of preposterous societal/cultural nonsense: UBCC (UBC) proclaims our perspective on bicycle transportation to be necessary for a bonafide democracy. Plus, UBC promotes the bicycle as a catalyst for creating community, solidarity, and personal independence. By publicly interacting with and (re) – creating these scenarios through stickers, posters, and t-shirts: The Uppity Bike Commuters Collective creates dialogue, unveils cultural mechanisms, and affirms connections of community support. Go Get your friends and ride on!











































































































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