UBC Angel of Death Sticker 2012

Every time a car starts up, cue this Slayer song.

UBC hypothetical 2018

How many times have you heard someone say, ” Hypothetically I could so this…” Go for bike rides, visit a friend, quit your job, build dreams.  Inspired while babysitting during an episode of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory,  Jesse told his team they needed ” To Go Hypothetical. ”  So ” Why Not?”

UBC trifecta 2018UBC trifecta 2018UBC trifecta 2018

The Trilogy. Cars are much heavier than bikes.

UBC HORROR POSTER 2019 [Recovered]

Horror Poster Sticker. Shamelessly ripped from a fave poster artist: Frank Kozic.

UBC Unicorn130 2

We were asked to make a design using a unicorn. The media has cultivated a ne’er do well image of bicyclists so we decided to play it up. “Oh, so this is the part the society has us playing? Here you go. ”

Billy 2018

Images of bicyclists created by the media: Image of the outlaw. The legend of Billy the Kid is one of the more colorful legends of New Mexico; touching on individual freedoms, land use and colonialism.  Depending on which history is presented, Billy was either a no good bandit or a folk hero; fighting greedy land barons and crooked politicians. As with bicyclists, his image was propagated by the media. To learn more about Billy the Kid, make some popcorn and check out this documentary :

UBC Bollocks Paste yellow

Never Mind the Automobiles!

CBC Duck 2018

Duck the Police! Police operations are rooted in the System Of Enclosure. In a nutshell – The System of Enclosure was Aristocrats claiming ( stealing ) the commons land and using implementing the concept of property for social control.  They they hired people to  enact this philosophy. Plus we all know what happens when a person does fit their idea of the norm.

Chris McLean_18

Grumpy Bike Cat. Looks out at traffic and gets, well…..


Another favorite record cover – from Built to Spill.

UBC Secret Pink Helmet 2018

Blakes Sticker Head

LOTABIKES!! If you’re not from New Mexico, check out Blake’s Lotaburger.


Looking at your phone while driving?


RUDEBIKES! Big inspiration from 2 Tone.


Want to make it better? Honk away!

UBC Thing 2019

Designed for Stop Signs. Anything can be a thing. It’s a thing.

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