UBC Angel of Death Sticker 2012

Every time a car starts up, cue this Slayer song.

UBC hypothetical 2018

How many times have you heard someone say, ” Hypothetically I could so this…” Go for bike rides, visit a friend, quit your job, build dreams.  Inspired while babysitting during an episode of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory,  Jesse told his team they needed ” To Go Hypothetical. ”  So ” Why Not?”

UBC trifecta 2018UBC trifecta 2018UBC trifecta 2018

The Trilogy. Cars are much heavier than bikes.

UBC HORROR POSTER 2019 [Recovered]

Horror Poster Sticker. Shamelessly ripped from a fave poster artist: Frank Kozic.

UBC Unicorn130 2

We were asked to make a design using a unicorn. The media has cultivated a ne’er do well image of bicyclists so we decided to play it up. “Oh, so this is the part the society has us playing? Here you go. ”

Billy 2018

Images of bicyclists created by the media: Image of the outlaw. The legend of Billy the Kid is one of the more colorful legends of New Mexico; touching on individual freedoms, land use and colonialism.  Depending on which history is presented, Billy was either a no good bandit or a folk hero; fighting greedy land barons and crooked politicians. As with bicyclists, a negative image was propagated by the media. To learn more about Billy the Kid, make some popcorn and check out this documentary :

UBC Bollocks Paste yellow

Never Mind the Automobiles!

CBC Duck 2018

Duck the Police! Police operations are rooted in the System Of Enclosure. In a nutshell – The System of Enclosure was Aristocrats claiming ( stealing ) the common land and using the concept of property for social control. They then hired people to enforce the boundaries of the land they acquired. Duck!

Chris McLean_18

Grumpy Bike Cat. Looks out at traffic and gets, well…..


Another favorite record cover – from Built to Spill.

UBC Secret Pink Helmet 2018

Blakes Sticker Head

LOTABIKES!! If you’re not from New Mexico, check out Blake’s Lotaburger.


Looking at your phone while driving?


RUDEBIKES!  2 Tone – Bike Ska!


Want to make it better?

UBC Thing 2019

Designed for Stop Signs. Anything can be a thing. It’s a thing.

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